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1. Do you like your eyes? Why or why not? - I like 'em... don't know why...

2. Do you wear glasses or contacts? - nope

3. What color eyes do you have? - green

4. What color eyes do you wish you had? - I don't care 'bout the color of my eyes

5. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? - never thought 'bout it... every time something different

6. What do you see when you look in the mirror? - me... just me... 

7. What's the first thing you see when you wake up? - my pillow or the wall

8. What's the last thing you see before you fall asleep? - Her face or my cell phone while reading Her sms

9. What TV Shows do you watch? - I don't watch TV

10. What movies do you watch? - Forest Gump, Arizona Dream, Truman Show, City Of Angels, Big Lebowski, American Beauty, Seven, Space Odyssey 2001... that's just a few of them...

11. What movies do you want to see? - Ghost Dog - The Way Of Samurai, Dead Man, Traffic... can't remember all...

12. Look to your left .. what do you see? - the window

13. Look to your right .. what do you see? - the wall with lots of photos

14. Look in front of you .. what do you see? - my computer

15. Look behind you...what do you see? - the bed and the door

16. Are you watching TV? - nope

17. If so, what are you watching? - ...

18. If you could see music, what would it look like? - I can't see music, 'cos I play it
19. What else are you looking at right now (besides this awesome survey)? - my cell phone and Her photo

20. What does your dream guy/girl look like? -


1. Do you like your ears? Why or why not? – well... guess I like 'em... no, I just don't care...

2. Are your ears pierced? How many? – left ear twice and right - once

3. Do you wear a hearing aid? – no

4. Have you ever had an ear infection? – guess no...

5. What do you hear right now (describe everything)? – me typing, Timur talking on the phone in his room, Alexey and Vikka talking at the kitchen

6. What song are you listening to? – nothing

7. What is your favorite song? – too much...

8. What is your favorite band/musician? – Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, De Phazz, Incubus, Fourplay, Destiny's Child, Sean Paul, Peter Gabriel, George Benson, Marcus Miller, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and much more...

9. What sound do you find relaxing? – the sound of rain

10. What do you hear when you first wake up in the morning? - my alarm clock

11. What do you hear when you're trying to get to sleep? – outdoor sounds: cars, voices...

12. Do you have trouble hearing people? – well... I had... with one person...

13. Do you swear that you're deaf sometimes? – no

14. Do you know someone who is deaf? – no

15. If you sing, are you a soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone? – baritone

16. Do you like the sound of your voice? – I like the sound, but don't like the diction

17. What is the most annoying sound in the world? – the sound of breaking bones

18. Do you often hear people screaming outside of your house? – no

19. If you answered yes to the last question, where the hell do you live? –
20. What do you wish you could hear everyday? – Her voice


1. Do you like your nose? Why or why not? – I don't like it 'cos it's broken

2. Is your nose pierced? – no

3. What's the best smell in the world? – Her hair, Her skin... rainy summer day... sea air...

4. What's the worst smell in the world? – dead bodies

5. What do you hate more? - ???

6. What do you smell right now? – green tea

7. What did the last meal you ate smell like? – seafood

8. Do you have bad breath all the time? – no

9. Do you know someone who has bad breath all the time? – no

10. What's your favorite perfume? – mmmm... dunno, I don't remember the names...

11. What's your favorite cologne? – ...

12. Does your nose get sunburnt in the summer and then turn bright red and peel? – yeah, that was two years ago, when I was in the army

13. Do you have freckles on your nose? – no

14. When you blow your nose, is it obnoxiously loud or oddly quiet? – pretty quiet, I think

15. Do you have nose hairs? - yeah

16. Have you ever tried to use a pore strip on your nose? – no

17. What do you smell like right now? – dunno

18. Which one of your friends smells the best? – never though 'bout that

19. Which one of your friends smell the worst? – none

20. What do you love smelling each and everyday? – green tea


1. Do you like your lips? Why or why not? – I like 'em... why?... I dunno...

2. Is your lip pierced? – no, but I want to

3. What do you love to eat? – cookies, chocolate, chili, russian salad

4. What do you hate eating? – something with onion or garlic

5. Are you lips a pink-ish color or more red-ish? – red-isch

6. Are your lips big and plump or small and thin? – big and plump, I think

7. Who is the last person you kissed? – She

8. Name all the people whose lips have graced yours. – I’m not gonna do that

9. What is the taste in your mouth right now? – green tea

10. Are you eating anything? If so, what? – no

11. Are you drinking anything? If so, what? – yeah, green tea

12. Have you ever ate or licked anything really disgusting? – I dunno... maybe some medicine...

13. If you have, what was it and how did it taste? – can't remember

14. If you were to kiss the other person in the room right now, what would happen? – right now it cannot happen anyway

15. Do you smile often? – yes

16. Do you smile with your teeth showing or not? – it depends

17. Is your smile big or small? – big

18. Do you have any cavities or fillings? – I've just visited my dentist, so - nope )

19. Don't you hate it when you have a cold sore? – yes

20. What is the one thing you really want in your mouth right now? – hmmm... I won't answer this )


1. What do you like about your body? – my hair, my hands, my beard

2. What do you hate about your body? – nothing

3. What is the comfiest article of clothing you own? – my blue jeans

4. What are your most comfortable pair of shoes? – all shoes

5. Who was the last person to give you a hug? – my mom

6. Do you touch yourself? – everybody touches themselves somehow

7. What are you wearing right now (name everything)? – blue jeans, grey sweater

8. What are you touching right now? – the keyboard and my cell phone

9. Is your body hot or cold a lot? – warm

10. Do you feel the need to be touching someone all the time? – yes, I want Her to touch me...

11. Doesn't it suck when you have an itch on your back that you can't reach? – yes

12. Is your body often sore? – no

13. In relation to the last question, why or why not? – dunno

14. Have you ever gotten a paper cut that really really hurt? – yep

15. What's the worst pain you've ever experienced? – surgical operation on my nose, when anesthesia has ended...

16. What's the best feeling you've ever experienced (physical)? – well... you know ))
17. Do you hug people often? – no

18. Do you like touchy-feeley people? – no

19. Are you a touchy-feeley person? – no... only with Her

20. Who do you want to hold you at this very moment? - Her...

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